Our travel philosophy does not include the usual tourist circuits. We want to integrate you into the culture and the territory of the places we visited, and for this we provide the information that covers not only regarding the details of the itinerary, but also necessary to understand, if possible, the keys of the geographical and ethnographic scenary so singular and suggestive where we move. 


In FOSIL Expedition Services we are committed with the friendly tourism with cultures and environment. Our idea as tourism providers is based on compliance with the principles of CEMT (Global Code of Ethics for Tourism), adopted by the UN in 2001. Hence our efforts to promote the formation of our travelers as users of sustainable tourism through consistent and quality information. 


We firmly believe that humility and honesty is the basis of any goal or objective. Our proposals are built based on these principles. We want the pleasure of traveling with us not having restrictions.

About us

Federico Gómez is passionate about travel and nature. He grew up in the biker atmosphere of the 80s hand of his uncles, directors of Motoclub Alcarreño those years, and competed in the trial championship of Castilla - La Mancha several seasons. Has over 15 years organizing tours, trips and expeditions in North Africa, Portugal and Andalusia, in motorcycle, car or any other means of transport, and in all these years he has tried to convey the essence of each place in the design of itineraries, covering all significant aspects and determinants (geographical, ethnographic, food ...). Always surrounded by the best professionals for each activity, so that each experience be unique and unforgettable.








Uli Rucker, passionate of motor sport closely related to the enduro and road bikes. His first contact with the bikes was at 6 years with a Honda Monkey. This fact marked and inoculated the "virus" of motorcycling. Expert on routes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Alps), Andalusia and Portugal. Great experience in customized tours with small groups and personal attention and quality service. His purpose in each tour is to transmit among each of the participants unforgettable and special memories.