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Viajes en moto FosilTrips


Viajes en moto FosilTrips


Viajes en moto FosilTrips
Viajes en moto FosilTrips
Viajes en moto FosilTrips


Viajes en moto FosilTrips


BAZA 500 Raid is an incursion into a perfect territory for off roading, a region called Comarca de Baza, in which we will explore more than 500 km of tracks using 2 orientation systems: GPS and ROADBOOK.

We will explore a territory of great contrasts that combines in the same environment two lush natural parks, the main desert in Europe and the largest volume of dammed water in the south of the peninsula, where in a short period of time we will go from the Mediterranean forest to the steppe.


The Bivouac will be located in the municipal campsite of FREILA (Granada), LA CABAÑUELA. A bivouac area will be set up for camping during the weekend, an exposition area for companies in the sector, motorhome parking, health station, catering área, briefing tent, etc.

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The campsite is located in the Altiplano of Granada, a unique territory that brings together a mosaic of overflowing landscapes, from spectacular badlands to crystalline water reservoirs, lush forests, green meadows and beautiful ramblas.

General Camping 2-english (Mediana).jpg

Located on the banks of the Negratín Reservoir, it provides us with a perfect base to approach the entire proposed territory and is far from urban centers.


General Camping 3-english (Mediana).jpg


As its name indicates, RAID is an incursion into a territory, it is not a RALLY, and therefore our objective is to explore an area of exceptional and unique beauty, enjoying the navigation, the landscape and riding our motorbikes, without racing against the clock.

There will be a speed limitation, and failing to respect it repeatingly will lead to expulsion from the event.

BAZA 500 Raid will be structured in 3 stages that start and end in the Bivouac:

  • The prologue stage is 25 km long. This small section will help you to get used to the navigation APP we will use.

  • Stage 1 has a 20 km liaison and a total length of approximately 300 km in ROADBOOK and GPS category and 360 km in ROADBOOK PRO category.

  • Stage 2 has an approximate length of 200 km for the 3 categories.


The tracks of other riders have many different sections that are exclusive to each category, and therefore, you should not trust the tracks of other motorcycles. Stop, reflect and deduce what is happening and what the error is, it is the best way to learn to navigate. If you follow the tracks and they don't belong to your category, you will have a hard time finding the path again.

In the GPS category you will have warnings for TRIPLE DANGERS (maximum on the scale from 1 to 3), speed limitation zones (DZ - FZ) and the ECLIPSE waypoints (which you will have to search for and validate).

Everything will be explained in a tutorial with text, images and video, with real demonstrations on the track.


​To navigate on BAZA 500 RAID, YOU DON’T NEED ANY SATELLITE SYSTEM (type Stella or similar). Instead, we will use the RALLY ROADBOOK APP, which, depending on the category, we will configure in one way or another.

If you participate in the GPS CATEGORY, or in the ROADBOOK/PRO CATEGORY with traditional ICOs and paper roadbooks, you must carry an additional mobile phone to validate waypoints and acoustic warnings. For use with traditional ICOs and in GPS CATEGORY we must select the COCKPIT --> PRO RALLY mode. We will use the COCKPIT --> STANDARD mode to navigate the ROADBOOK in digital format.

In the GPS category you will have warnings: DSS/ASS (start/arrival Selective Section), limited speed zones, safety stop with countdown, danger 3, and an additional danger 3 at each point where the track is resumed with the roadbook/pro categories (where the track is rejoined with others coming from another track).

All tutorials and quick guides are available on the TERRA PIRATA website (at the end of the page you have a YouTube video that contains all the tutorials, as well as a section for common questions):

If you want to translate to Spanish or any other language, go to the GOOGLE translator:, select WEBSITES, and enter the address of the page (


Every night, after dinner, and prior to the routes on Saturday and Sunday, briefings will be given (in Spanish and English), in which all the details of each route will be explained in detail and all questions will be answered.


- ROADBOOK: You will use FIM spec roadbooks that will include all the elements of a FIM RALLY. You will have to validate waypoints, respect zones with speed limits, masked waypoints, etc. You are going to live a unique experience as an amateur, without racing against the clock, but having fun like never before on your motorcycle.

- ROADBOOK PRO: You will have an additional TRACK BONUS with some technical navigation complications.

- GPS: We are going to put a lot of emphasis on providing basic information about the route in terms of technical difficulties or obstacles, and to do this you will have to consult the waypoints in advance at each start of the route. To do this, we will provide a printed chart to help you with identification. You will also have acoustic warnings from the TRIPLE DANGER waypoints, to improve your safety on the track, and from speed control zones in inhabited areas.


Each participant will carry a tracking device in stages 1 and 2, which gives the organization the real-time situation, speed and track taken.



A tent/dining area will be set up for breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday. For the Saturday stage, a picnic bag for lunch will be provided to each participant.


FULL RAID (Friday, Saturday and Sunday): €295


  • ROABOOKS FIM (paper or digital) for 3 days

  • GPS TRACKS for 3 days

  • BAZA 500 Raid Enduro T-shirt

  • BAZA 500 Raid T-shirt

  • Startin number

  • FINISHER Medal

  • Camping Friday and Saturday (price per additional person who comes with you: €2)

  • Catering: dinner Friday and Saturday, picnic bag Saturday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday

  • Health assistance on track and permanent health post in the bivouac

  • Tracking device

  • Third party insurance, assistance and rescue insurance (including helicopter)

  • 4x4 assistance on the track

  • Transfer of damaged motorcycle to the road


RAID MINI (Friday and Saturday): €180


  • ROABOOKS FIM (paper or digital) for 2 days

  • GPS TRACKS for 2 days

  • BAZA 500 Raid T-shirt

  • Starting number

  • FINISHER Medal

  • Camping Friday (price per additional person who comes with you: €2)

  • Catering: dinner Friday, picnic bag Saturday, breakfast Saturday

  • Health assistance on track and permanent health post in the paddock

  • Tracking device

  • Third party insurance, assistance and rescue insurance (including helicopter)

  • 4x4 assistance on the track

  • Transfer of damaged motorcycle to the road











  • FRIDAY 19:

Registration/Departures 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Shake down from 12:00 p.m. (There is no starting order). Dinner 8:30 p.m. Briefing 9:00 p.m.

  • SATURDAY 20:

Breakfast 6:00 a.m. Departures from 7:10 a.m. onwards. Dinner 8:30 p.m. Briefing 9:00 p.m.

  • SUNDAY 21:

Breakfast 6:30 a.m. Departures from 7:30 a.m. onwards.


Departure times will be established in order of starting number.

A pre-start will be established, prior to the starting arc, where groups of 20 pilots will be located successively.

ROADBOOK/ROADBOOK PRO categories will be the first to leave, with a difference of at least 30 minutes with the GPS category.

Each assistance car will carry rescue material and a qualified medic. If your motorcycle breaks down and it is not possible to continue riding, you will be towed to the nearest road.

Assistance on the track ends each day at 7:00 p.m. By regulation, it is prohibited to drive on the track at night, so you have to leave the track and continue on the road to the bivouac.



The minimum fuel range is 120 km. All gas stations will be indicated on gps tracks and roadbooks.


In addition to your roadbook or tablet for the ROADBOOK category, you will need a mobile phone on which the APP will be active.

Likewise, in the GPS category you will need a GPS or phone with your usual navigation APP, and also an additional mobile phone on which you will have the navigation APP active.

You should also have USB sockets to power phones and 12v in case you have GPS.


In the area set up for this purpose, all those companies in the sector that are interested in attending and making themselves known and offering their products during the weekend will be able to exhibit. To do this, you must contact us by email at, where we will inform you of prices and available spaces.


Manager: (Rubén Pérez)
Tel.: 660 73 59 28

“Casa Cueva Vico” and "Cortijo Bacares”
Manager: (Isabel López)
Tel.: 659 46 07 92

“Cueva Adonia”
Manager: (Alberto)
Tel.: 609 32 03 06

“Hotel los Chaparros”
Manager: Manolo / Santiago
Tel.: 958 34 24 03


BAZA 500 RAID is a NON-COMPETITIVE orientation route. There is no classification by time, for that you must look for federation or amateur rallies. Therefore, we ask for the utmost respect to the rest of the participants who come to enjoy a tour specially designed to enjoy nature, navigation and off roading. If you do not agree with this concept, you can request your reimbursement before the indicated period.

Many times we do not think about others because we are very focused on riding our motorcycles and we are enjoying it to the fullest, but there are other people in the outdoors and a sensitive environment that will always be affected by our passage, so we must try to minimize it as much as possible. that effect. When you find houses, cross urban centers or areas where there are people walking, reduce your speed and disturb as little as possible, avoiding skidding, acceleration or wheelies.

There is no rush, there are federated events to RACE AND COMPETE. Our concept for the design of the routes is to enjoy riding your motorcycle to the fullest, to offer ROADBOOKS in which you can train to compete in ANY RALLY (Dakar, Hellas, etc.) and different and fun TRACKS and enjoy exceptional places .

Think that the future of off-road motorcycles is in our hands. We can feel truly privileged to be able to circulate through these natural treasures with our motorcycles, so let's try to take care of it and maintain it and, above all, ensure that we can continue organizing events like this. If there are protests from other users, the town councils and delegations will deny us passage.



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